Group Policy Interview Questions and Answers- Part-2

16. Who can create Domain lever Group Policy?

Answer- Domain Admin

17. Who can create Organization Unit lever Group Policy?

Answer- Domain Admin

18. Who can create Local Group Policy?

Answer- Local Administrator or Domain Administrator

19. What is the Refresh interval for Group Policy?

Answer- Refresh interval for Domain Controllers is 5 minutes, and the refresh interval for all other computers in the network is 45 minutes (this one doubt).

20. Why do we need to manage and control desktop environment?

Answer- To decrease support time

–>Eliminate potential for problems

–>One standard environment to support

–>Eliminate distractions

To increase productivity

21. What is Group policy loop back process? How to set it?

Answer- Start –>programs –>Administrative tools –>Active Directory users and computers –>Right click on the container –>click on Group policy tab –>Click on edit –>click on Computer settings –>click on Administrative templates –>system –>Group policy –>click on User group policy loop back processing mode –>Select enable  click OK

22. What are the players that are involved in deploying software?

Answer- –Group Policy

With in GP we specify that this software application gets installed to this particular computer or to this particular user.

–Active Directory

Group Policy will be applied some where in Active Directory.

–Microsoft Installer service

–Windows installer packages

The type of package that can be used by Group Policy to deploy applications is .msi packages i.e., Microsoft Installer packages.

23. What is the package that can be used to Deploy software through Group Policy?

Answer- Windows installer packages (.msi files)

24. What is Microsoft installer service?

Answer- Microsoft Installer Service runs on the client machines in the Windows 2000 domain.

It installs the minimum amount of an application, as you extended functionalary it installs the remaining part of application. It is responsible for installing softwares in the client. It is also responsible for modifying, upgrading, applying service packs.

25. What is Local security policy, Domain security policy, and Domain controller security policy in the administrative tools?

Answer- Local Security policy: This is group policy applied to local machine

Domain Security Policy: Group Policy applied at domain level

Domain Controller Security Policy: Group Policy applied at domain controller level.

26. What are the design considerations for Group policy?

Answer- The following should be considered for designing group policies.

–Minimize linking

Because there may be a chance deleting the original one with seeing who else are using this GPO. Minimizing linking for simplicity.

–Minimum number of GPO’s

Microsoft suggests that one GPO with 100 settings will process faster than 100 GPO’s each with one setting. This is for performance.


–Minimize filtering

To keep simple your environment, try to minimize filtering.

Note: If you have more number of GPO’s for a container, what ever GPO is on top will applied first. If you want you can move GPO’s up and down.

Note: If there is conflict between two GPO’s of same container, the last applied GPO will be effective. i.e., the bottom one will be effect

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