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Active Directory is a Microsoft service or product use for management of users and computers in server base network. You can test your knowledge related to domain controller by taking this online Quiz.

MicroSoft Active Directory Test

This online Quiz is related to Microsoft Active Directory.


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#1 You can control almost everything of AD Clients/users using _______, you can control different items like user desktop, security configurations like password complexity, and the installation of software.

#2 Schema Master is operations master roles and its scope is

#3 The Active Directory schema requires updates when a new object type or attribute is created.

#4 In Active Directory term โ€œtreeโ€ is used for collection of one or more .

#5 What is the port number of LDAP?

#6 What are all the Active Directory Partitions?

#7 Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services is a ____________ directory service that provides flexible support for directory-enabled applications, without the restrictions of AD DS

#8 What is the port number of DNS?

#9 What is the port number of SMB?

#10 Active Directory is a directory service developed _____for server base networks


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