AD Replication Process Overview

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This post is regarding AD Replication Process Overview.

So what’s the big deal with AD Replication? I mean it’s obvious that your infrastructure has multiple Domain Controllers and you want to make sure that Active Directory talks to each other directly or indirectly and keep each other up to date. We came up with Replication concept. 

Now it’s important that Domain controller talk to right domain controller, I mean there should not be any confusion, everyone should be aware who is sending update and receiving updates from whom. So we came up with KCC concept ( Knowledge Consistency Checker – it helps to design the replication topology automatically)

Now too much talking between AD Servers are also not good, each site is connected using very costly WAN link and I am sure any company don’t want any useless replication happening via these costly links. So we came up with concepts like Site Link Cost, Replication Schedule.

Trust me AD Replication is a huge topic. This article one pretty much explains basic replication concept between 2 DC’s.

Active Directory (AD) is a multi-master directory, meaning each directory services server—referred to as a domain controller—contains a fully readable and writable copy of the directory services database. Because all domain controllers can accept changes to the database, some method is needed to replicate those changes to other domain controllers, ensuring a consistent database across all domain controllers. This scheme is referred to as AD replication.

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