GPO version mismatch

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GPO DS and sysvol version should be matched.if there is any discrepancy between both then your gpo will not functional properly.So please make sure your GPO DS and sysvol version should same on all domain controllers in domain.

There are two types of version mismatch issue ;-

  1. GPO Version mismatch on all domain controllers
  2. GPO Version mismatch on few domain controllers..


Group policy does not work if there is version mismatch occurs on GPO. We can find the gpo version mismatch as per below snapshot.

in below highlighted pic you can see there is different between AD and sysvol version.

GPO version mismatch

———————- GPover Summary ———————-
GPO name : HomeDrive-gpo
GPO Guid : {ED97C7EDF0-DD10-4EP5-B6D6-A16475604B7F}
Ds version : 17(User) 9(Machine)
Sysvol version : 18(User) 10(Machine)
Changed : 11/8/2018 7:10:18 AM
Sysvol version is newer ,pls check on AD replication
1 GPO in DC01 are not in sync
1 GPO in DC05 version reading problem null


  1. Domain controllers are not in sync
  2. Sync issue between AGPM and gpmc if you Deployed the changes via AGPM without following the standard checklist.
  3. Replication issues.


First of all we have to find out the gpo version mismatch via GPO Tool utility. if gpo version mismatch found on all the domain controllers then you have to make the dummy changes in that gpo where version mismatch coming.dummy changes like- make any value in gpo and then delete. GPO DS version will increased and will replicate to sysvol container.

If it found on few domain controller so please do not make the dummy changes . For this kindly do the health check of domain controllers where gpo version issue came . Generally this issue comes due to replication issue. 2213 event id also responsible for gpo version mismatch issue. you can get the more details about 2213 event id by this article.

DFS Replication service stopped replication-Event ID 2213

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