Group Policies vs. Logon Scripts

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This article compares and contrasts logon scripts and group policies.Server 2008 made it possible to map a network disc using Group Policy. Logon scripts are no longer used.

In fact, logon scripts can make computers run more slowly. Group policy is faster, yes.

There is no reason not to utilize Group Policy unless you have some wacky, complicated script that does something that it cannot.

The benefits of mapping drives with group policy include:

  • Compared to logon scripts, it is significantly simpler. You can use checkboxes and drop-down menus without knowing how to use scripts.
  • It is scaleable; logon scripts will scale without issue as your Active Directory expands.
  • It is quite adaptable. You can target groups, users, organisational units, operating systems, and more with item level targeting. It’s very simple.

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