Group Policy object development with change control

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This post is regarding Group Policy object development with change control.

With AGPM, you can store a copy of each GPO in a central archive so that Group Policy administrators can view and change it offline without immediately affecting the deployed version of the GPO. Additionally, AGPM stores a copy of each version of each controlled GPO in the archive so that you can roll back to an earlier version if necessary. The terms “check in” and “check out” are used just as in a library (or in applications that provide change control, version control, or source control for programming development). To use a book that is in a library, you check it out from the library. No one else can use it while you have it checked out. When you are finished with the book, you check it back into the library, so others can use it.

When you develop GPOs by using AGPM:

1. Create a new controlled GPO or control a previously uncontrolled GPO.

2. Check out the GPO, so that you and only you can change it.

3. Edit the controlled GPO.

4. Check in the edited GPO, so that others can change it, or so that it can be deployed. If GPO remain in check in state , nobody can make the changes to check in GPO until we do checkout and make it available for others ones.

5. Review the changes.

6. Deploy the GPO to the production environment.

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