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This post is regarding how to change the domain controller in active directory users and computers console (ADUC) .

its very easy to change the domain controller for any of management console e.g. ADUC, site and services or active directory trust console.

its required to check the object replication status means if we create the user on DC10 and want to check after some on DC01, Then no need to login to DC10 Just change the Domain controller to DC01 and check the object status.

Below are the steps.

  • Open the Active directory users and console (ADUC) .
  • Click on Change the domain controller as per below image.
  • Change the type from any writable domain controller to This domain controller or ADLDS instance and Select the domain which you want to connect.
  • You will connected to DC01 Once you selected the preferred domain controller as per below image.
  • Now we can check the object status for DC01 on DC10 without login to DC01 domain controller.

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