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How to Quickly check FSMO roles

How to Quickly check FSMO roles

Active Directory contains five roles called Flexible Single Master Operation Roles (FSMO), these roles are required for the domain controllers to function correctly. During the first domain controller installation, the FSMO roles are installed automatically. In most cases they can be left alone, but there are times when they need to be moved such as a failed DC.

It is a good idea to be familiar with where the roles are installed in your AD environment, you never know when a disaster will hit. In this post, I will walk through two simple methods for finding the roles. The first method uses the Netdom query tool and the second uses windows GUI mode.

There are two forest wide roles and three domain wide roles

Forest Wide Roles:

Schema Master
Domain naming master

Domain Wide Roles:

RID pool manager
Infrastructure Master

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There are two ways to check the FSMO roles in active directory which are mentioned as below. You will know the details of server which server holds these roles by using below method.

Method #1: Netdom query fsmo command line tool

Method #2: Use the GUI

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