How to remove the lingering objects from Global Catalog partition

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This post is regarding how to unhost and rehost the global partition for a domain controller. It can be done only if there are lingering objects exist in global partition. we can also do unhost and rehost by site and service but that do for all global catalog partitions. better if you guys do the unhost and rehost for that partition, in which lingering objects occurs instead of doing for all GC partitions.

We have detected the lingering objects in global partition on DC08 domain controller. Now we are going to remove these lingering objects by unhost and rehost the global catalog partition. As its not possible to remove the lingering objects from read only partition by lingering objects removal command and only option to unhost and rehost the partition.

Clients connecting to DC08 could not query for the GC partition DC=WindowsTechno,DC=Local hence suggested to perform outside of business hours, so that you do not hear complain form the clients.

Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is not needed in this step since you will be running this from the actual affected domain controller.  Kindly run the below Command to un-host GC partition on DC08

repadmin /unhost DC08 “DC=WindowsTechno,DC=Local”

Wait for some time as its depending on the size of the partition Data will take time.Once unhosting is done kindly execute the below Command to Re-host GC partition on DC08.

repadmin /rehost DC08 “DC=WindowsTechno,DC=Local” DC05.windowstechno.local”

After these steps are all completed, the lingering objects should be gone from global catalog partition, you should have better protection in place against them (with the Strict Replication Consistency turned on) and you should no longer get Unknown User or Not Found NDRs on relatively new mailboxes.

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