How to Resolve SQL Database Error 8959?

How to Resolve SQL Database Error 8959?

Most organizations with SQL Database focus on the hiring a professional SQL Database Administrator who can take care of the welfare and security of the organizational database. But there is a significant aspect of the SQL database, which canโ€™t be ignored. And, it is to safeguard the database from errors such as SQL Database error 8959. Because such errors may lead to an inaccessible database, and the users may get hindered in the absence of the database.

SQL Database Administrators have knowledge and expertise to make important decisions and recommendations regarding the health of the SQL Database. Though these Admins have the expertise to resolve database queries, there are some errors like Error 8959 which need more than the Adminโ€™s attention.

Why does SQL Database error 8959 occur?

In any Index, the IndexIDs for all the existing IAM pages should be the same. And if there are inconsistencies reported with Index Allocation Map (IAM) pages of SQL server database, then there are chances of SQL Database Error 8959. This error appears in three different states and reads as follows:

IAM page P_ID1 for object ID O_ID1, index ID I_ID1 is linked in the IAM chain for object ID O_ID2, index ID I_ID2 by page P_ID2.

Explanation: The error mentioned above message states that there are inconsistencies in the IndexIDs of the IAM pages.

So how should the Administrator resolve the error message at the earliest and bring back the SQL database to the standard or accessible state?

Resolve SQL Database Error 8959

Method 1: Troubleshoot the Issue

Troubleshoot to detect the exact hardware component, responsible for the occurrence of SQL Database error 8959. And repair or replace the component, as per its condition.

Troubleshooting may be a prolonged process, and the database remains in the inaccessible state for the entire process. As most organizations maintain a clean copy of the SQL database, a better option is to restore through the backup.

Method 2: Restore from Clean Backup:

The most recent and clean SQL BAK files are the best to restore the SQL Database and maintain its continuity. Before restoring the SQL Database from backup, take note of the following:

  • For full recovery from existing backup, check that the BAK files belong to active transaction log or the tail of the transaction log and then restore the database in SQL Server Management Studio.
  • If the database is in encrypted form, you need to have the asymmetric key or the certificate, used for data encryption. The absence of these may not result in backup restoration.

In the absence of the backup restoration process, SQL Admins must use the Database Consistency Checker Commands (or DBCC) to analyze the performance of SQL Database and troubleshoot.

Method 3: DBCC Check Commands:

DBCC commands analyze the logical and physical consistency of the SQL Database to understand the SQL Database corruption issues.

Run the Database Console commands DBCC CHECKDB to understand the extent of corruption. The command then recommends the repair clause which helps to resolve the SQL Database Error 8959.

However, most SQL Administrators avoid the DBCC CHECK DB command, as the suggested repair clause may lead to data loss, and also loss of time may happen if the database remains inaccessible for an extended period.

Method 4: Professional Recovery Software

Enterprise-grade SQL database repair software such as Stellar Repair for MS SQL is recommended by MS SQL Admins and the tech-communities, worldwide.

The software with its unique features can address and resolve almost all SQL database error issues including 8959. The software repairs the corrupt and inaccessible MDF and NDF files and recovers all database components including Tables, Triggers, Indexes and more.

The SQL Database Error 8959 is associated with inconsistencies in the IndexIDs of the IAM pages, and this software may prove to be the best solution, as it repairs and recovers the Index-components of the database also.

Further, the repaired SQL database can be restored as a new database. This feature helps Admins remain stress-free from chances of further SQL database corruption.


Many organizations have a SQL database in place to store their business data. This database is managed by dedicated SQL Administrators who have knowledge and expertise to use the DBCC CHECKDB commands to resolve SQL database errors, but a major problem with these commands is that they may result in data loss.

Though most SQL Administrators resolve all kinds of errors with the clean backup and troubleshooting techniques, they always panic when backup restoration is not possible, or the troubleshooting techniques need more than the prescribed time to resolve SQL Database Error 8959.

Professional software is one of the best SQL Recovery solution to repair MDF and NDF files, remove inconsistencies in SQL database components, and recover the entire database in a few easy steps.


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