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This post is regarding what is msDS-Behavior-Version ?

The msDS-Behavior-Version attribute is written on the nTDSDSA object representing a DC. The value is the highest domain or forest functional level that the DC is capable of supporting. A DC supports any domain or forest functional level less than or equal to its msDS-Behavior-Version.

The value of the msDS-Behavior-Version attribute on an nTDSDSA object changes during an operating system upgrade of that DC. The value of the msDS-Behavior-Version attribute never decreases.


The absence of the msDS-Behavior-Version attribute on an nTDSDSA object is equivalent to the msDS-Behavior-Version attribute on that object having the value zero.

The following values are defined.

IdentifierApplicable domain controller operating systemValue
DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2000 *Windows 2000 Server operating system0
DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2003Windows Server 2003 operating system, Windows Server 2003 R2 operating system2
DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2008Windows Server 2008 operating system3
DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2008R2Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system4
DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2012Windows Server 2012 operating system5
DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2012R2Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system6
DS_BEHAVIOR_WIN2016Windows Server 2016 operating systemWindows Server v1709 operating systemWindows Server v1803 operating systemWindows Server v1809 operating systemWindows Server 2019 operating system7

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