Powershell Active Directory Excel Report

Powershell Active Directory Excel Report

This script reports information about your Active Directory infrastructure and save it in an Excel file.
It´s using Powershell in combination of the Acitve Directory module. If you want to run this script, RSAT must be installed.
The following information will be saved into the Excel file.

  • users that was created in the last 24 hrs
  • users with the flag password never expires set
  • disabled users
  • users that never changed there passwords
  • computers that have not logged on for more then 90 days
  • disabled computers
  • all DCs in your domain
  • all DHCP servers in your Forest
  • all Subnets with the associated Site and Location name in your Forest
  • FSMO role holders in your Forest
  • FSMO role holders in your Domain

After the script finished the report will popup.

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