Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition

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This post is regarding Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition. Active Directory backup and recovery at the object and attribute level, and the directory level across the entire forest.

Corruption happens. Your Active Directory (AD) environment can be damaged through cyberattacks, ransomware or by irreversible database corruption. When corruption occurs, it can negatively impact your productivity for hours or even days. To minimize loss of revenue and damage to your companyโ€™s reputation, you need an AD recovery tool that can get you back up and running quickly.

Questยฎ Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition enables you to pinpoint changes to your AD environment and simplifies the recovery of a domain or forest in the event of a major corruption. It quickly restores your entire domain or forest to a point in time before the corruption occurred. It features automated recovery functionality that can reduce recovery time from forest-level AD corruption by up to 95 percent.

Itโ€™s like an insurance policy for your AD, one you canโ€™t afford not to have. With Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition you can automate backups, quickly compare backups to current values of AD to pinpoint differences and instantly recover the desired data. With online, granular restore, you can recover entire sections of the directory, selected objects or individual attributes without taking AD offline, thus reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition enables online granular restores as well as automates the manual steps required to recover your entire domain or forest. With the addition of Quest On Demand Recovery for Azure AD, you get secure Azure AD and Office 365 backup and recovery.


  • Greatly reduces downtime and loss of productivity resulting from the corruption of AD data
  • Simplifies and speeds recovery of an entire domain or forest by automating manual steps
  • Prevents replication of corrupted domain controllers (DCs) by quarantining them
  • Saves time and effort by restoring DCs simultaneously from a central console
  • Simplifies compliance by creating a virtual lab to test disaster recovery plans and provides detailed reporting of the recovery effort
  • Restores individual attributes even when the object itself has not been deleted
  • Speeds time to resolution by consolidating backups created by different Recovery Manager console instances
  • Eliminates downtime and impact on users who are logged on to the network with online granular restore

By selecting unaffected backups, quarantining the damaged environment and automating all the manual steps required to facilitate the recovery, Forest Edition greatly reduces downtime. This process is closely aligned with Microsoftโ€™s native forest recovery approach and provides the option to restore some DCs from backup and others through demoting and re-promoting them with DCPromo. Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition enables online delegated granular restores as well as automates the manual steps required to recover your entire domain or forest.


Comprehensive recovery options โ€” Take advantage of the only solution of its kind that enables you to restore any object in AD, including users, groups, computers, organizational units, sites, subnets, configuration, Exchange storage groups and Group Policy Objects (GPOs).

Online delegated granular restore โ€” Restore directory objects without the need to restart DCs.

Attribute-level restore โ€” Restore individual attributes, such as account settings, group memberships and binary attributes โ€” even when the object itself has not been deleted. This enables administrators to restore only the required attributes without affecting other attributes.

Virtual lab environment โ€” Create a virtual lab environment with data from your production environment to accurately and safely perform testing prior to making changes in the production domain or forest. Existing computer collections can be used for the virtual lab environment.

AD management and health โ€” Validate health for warning signs of possible AD issues before they become major problems, such as DC accessibility, replication, trusts and user authentication.

Forest recovery automation โ€” From a central console, automate forest recovery steps, including quarantining infected DCs, resetting DSRM passwords, simultaneously restoring/recovering DCs, and automating other configuration tasks, such as setting the FSMO roles, raising the RID pool and DNS.

Flexible recovery pacing โ€” Create pauses in your forest recovery project to suspend the recovery process at any time during the forest recovery.

Comparison reporting โ€” Use reports that compare the online state of AD with its backup, highlighting changes made to the directory data since the backup. Comparisons can also be made between different backups. Reports display the objects that were deleted or changed, including attributes. If youโ€™re running Change Auditor, the comparison reports will also include who made the changes.

Hybrid AD and Azure AD recovery โ€” Whether youโ€™re running a hybrid AD environment with Azure AD Connect, or have cloud-only objects or attributes that arenโ€™t synchronized, itโ€™s critical for security and compliance purposes to ensure the availability and integrity of both on-premises AD and Azure AD. Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition integrates with Quest On Demand Recovery for Azure Active Directory to deliver a complete hybrid recovery solution to give you peace of mind. With Quest On Demand, you get a single recovery dashboard to differentiate hybrid and cloud-only objects, run difference reports between production and realtime backups, and restore all changes, whether on premises or in Azure AD.

Forest recovery console fault tolerance โ€” Share persistent data between several instances of your forest recovery consoles so that you can quickly resume the last forest recovery operation in case it was unexpectedly interrupted.

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