What is a KMS Server

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This post is regarding Key Management Services – KMS

KMS is Key Management Services and it use a client server model to active windows operating system and also do valume activation on domain network.

Windows client connect to KMS server for windows activation. KMS hosts do not need to be dedicated servers, and KMS can be co-hosted with other services. You can run a KMS host on any physical or virtual system that is running a supported Windows Server or Windows client operating system.

By default, KMS hosts automatically publish SRV resource records in DNS. This enables KMS clients to automatically discover the KMS host and activate without the need for any configuration on the KMS client. Automatic publishing can be disabled and the records can be created manually, which is also necessary for automatic activation if the DNS service does not support dynamic updates.

The KMS server work on port number (1688).The KMS client queries DNS for the KMS host(DNS record should also include the port to be used, the default is 1688), this also tells the KMS client which port to use. the port is configurable. The port needs to be bi-directional, the KMS client queries the KMS host, the KMS host has to respond to the KMS client.

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