What is AGPM

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This post is about AGPM Server . it is just introduction of Advanced Group Policy Management later we will explain the installation of AGPM server and client.

Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) gives us the capability to manage GPOs much more closely. AGPM which provide previous versions backup of GPO and speedy rollback resolution as and when required. Whenever we make any changes in agpm controlled gpo, it takes the previous version backup automatically.

AGPM and AGPM Clients

Audit information easily available so that who did what and when can be traced.

Proper tracking information is available every time when changes make to production GPO/Archive GPO using AGPM tool.

Also, it will prevent different engineers from modify the same GPO at the same time.

Key features of AGPM.

  • Offline Editing
  • GPMC Integration
  • Change Control
  • Role-Based Delegation
  • Search and Filter
  • Version control and rollback
  • Recovery of deleted GPOs
  • Difference in reporting and auditing
  • Automatically assign the delegation.
  • GPO template

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