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This post is about AGPM Archive .As we already explained about AGPM server and its features. In backend , AGPM server hold these gpo version in archive folder. A server that runs the AGPM Service and manages an archive.

Each AGPM Server can manage only one archive, but one AGPM Server can manage archive data for multiple domains in one archive.

An archive can be hosted on a computer other than an AGPM Server.

Archive stores the gpo version details, means gpo backup along with all information, who did the changes and when changes made.Archive should be secure so that nobody can copy or read the information except Active Directory Administrators. backup should also place for archive folder, if in case of any data corruption,We can restore the archive backup and run gpo operation without any issue. There will be no impact on gpo operation if in case of archive corruption or agpm server failure.

In other words, A central store that contains the controlled GPOs that the associated AGPM Server manages, in addition to the history for each of those GPOs. This includes all previous controlled versions of each GPO. An archive consists of an archive index file and associated archive data that may include data for GPOs in multiple domains. An archive can be hosted on a computer other than an AGPM Server.

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