What is DNS caching?

A caching-only DNS server is one that is not authoritative for any DNS domains. It’s configured to perform recursion or use a forwarder. When the caching-only DNS server receives a response, it caches the result and returns the answer to the system issuing the DNS query to the caching-only DNS server. Over time, the caching-only DNS server can amass a large cache of DNS responses, which can significantly improve DNS response times for DNS clients of that caching-only DNS server.

Caching-only DNS servers can improve security for your organization when used as forwarders that are under your administrative control. Internal DNS servers can be configured to use the caching-only DNS server as their forwarders and the caching-only DNS server performs recursion on behalf of your internal DNS servers. Using your own caching-only DNS servers as forwarders improves security because you don’t have to depend on your ISP’s DNS servers as forwarders when you’re unsure of the security configuration of your ISP’s DNS servers.

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