What is ntds.dit and where its held? What other folders are related to AD?

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This post is regarding ntds.dit database file and where its held and what other files are related to Active Directory.

By default, AD Database is saved in %systemroot%/ntds but we can save in other drive as well. You can see other files also in this folder.

Ntds.ditย is the main AD database file. NTDS stands for NT Directory Services. The DIT stands for Directory Information Tree. Theย Ntds.ditย file on a particular domain controller contains all naming contexts hosted by that domain controller, including the Configuration and Schema naming contexts. A Global Catalog server stores the partial naming context replicas in theย Ntds.ditย right along with the full Domain naming context for its domain.

These are the main files controlling the AD structure.


We will explain in details about these files in upcoming post.

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