What is the Refresh interval for Group Policy?

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This post is about group policy interval and how we can change .

Refresh interval time play a major role to update or refresh the group policy for DCs as well clients. Refresh interval means how long a domain controller can get the update from another domain controller respective to group policy and same happens between domain controller to client machines after a set of time duration.

Example, Suppose we made the changes in group policy and that is being applied to users. Group policy changes will not applying immediately, we have to wait for group policy refresh as default its set to 90 minutes. Group policy will automatically applying or refresh settings after 90 minutes of refresh interval.

Yes, there is also two more options to update the group policy immediately and one is update the group policy forcefully on computer by executing the GPUPDATE /Force. It updates the group policies immediately on client machine.

Second one is, Open the group policy console and go to OU where group policy is linked and right click and update, it will update the group policy for all objects that are available in OU.

Default refresh interval for Domain Controllers is 5 minutes, and the refresh interval for all other computers in the network is 90 minutes and we can also change it by editing the domain and domain controller default group policies.

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