Windows Server 2012 – How to Join a Domain

How to Join a Domain

If you’re adding a new computer to your corporate environment, you’ll most likely need to join it to a domain. The procedure is fairly simple as most of the work is done by the server. The process is also pretty much the same for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

For Windows Server 2012, there is an extra way to join a domain and I’ll mention that down at the bottom. I’ll also mention some troubleshooting tips if the option to join a domain is missing, you can’t join the domain, etc.

Join Computer/Server to Domain

To get started, Login into server via using local user credentials and Click on My PC and properties

Windows Server 2012 – How to Join a Domain

Click on Change setting

Now click on the Domain radio button and type in the name of the domain name that you want to join this computer/Server to.

I am putting “windowstechno.local” in domain name as per below

Click on OK

You will be asked to type the credentials of a username that has the required permission to add computers to the domain. I’m using a domain admin user.

Once you type the username and password, click OK

You will be prompted to restart the computer to apply changes, click OK

Click on OK

Finally, you will be presented again with a dialog box to restart your machine, click Restart Now to reboot.

After the server reboots, we need to logon to the server with a domain username and not a local username.

Click on OK

Now you are logged into windows server 2012 via domain credentials.

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