What happen if PDC goes down?

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This post is regarding What happens if PDC goes down, would there be any impact on the end user authentication?

The PDC Emulator is the operations master that will have the most immediate impact on normal operations and on users if it becomes unavailable. Fortunately, the PDC Emulator role can be seized to another domain controller and then transferred back to the original role holder when the system comes back online.

In a mixed domain, the event logs of Windows NT 4.0 BDCs contain entries showing failed replication attempts.

Clients do not make password changes at the PDC emulator. Instead, clients update passwords at any domain controller in the domain.

When password changes are performed by other domain controllers in the domain, they are sent to the PDC emulator by using higher priority replication.

When an authentication fails with an invalid password at other domain controllers in the domain, the authentication request is retried at the PDC emulator before failing. If a recent password update has reached the PDC emulator, the retried authentication request should succeed.

You cannot open the group policy console.

You cannot add or remove any DFS name space.

You cannot add any trust in domain.

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