How to Handle Situations Where a DC with FSMO Roles Is Offline

There are three situations to distinguish:

1. The downtime is planned and the DC will come back soon (reboot, hardware replacement, etc.):

In this case, you have to decide, to temporarily transfer the roles to a different DC or be aware of the effects during the downtime. Seeย The five FSMO roles.

2. The DC should be demoted:

Transfer the roles to a different DC, before you demote.

3. The DC is offline because of a problem:

1. Don’t panic!
2. Depending on the kind of role(s) that were on the DC, the consequences may be different. Make sure that you find out which roles are affected and what it means for your forest. Seeย The Five FSMO roles.
3. Try repairing the broken DC and connect it to the network again. But never restore it from a backup, if at least one DC in the domain is still working. The replication could mix up your directory!
4. If there is no chance to get the DC back again, seize the roles on a remaining DC andย demote the broken one.

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