DFS Replication service stopped replication-Event ID 2213

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If you have experienced a dirty shutdown on one of your Domain controller, you may notice that this is now not able to receive replicated data from the other domain controllers or we can also say its replication partners.you can find the details error information while running the DCDIAG, it show you about DFS-R test failed .Kindly go through event viewer and search event ID 2213 in the DFS Replication event logs.

DFSR event ID 2213 in Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012Event ID 2213 is logged on your DFSR server.

The DFS Replication service stopped replication on volume X:. This occurs when a DFSR JET database is not shut down cleanly and Auto Recovery is disabled. To resolve this issue, back up the files in the affected replicated folders, and then use the ResumeReplication WMI method to resume replication.

Additional Information:

Volume: X:

GUID: AB136C85-E682-11E8-93FB-009C02A3DAB4

Recovery Steps

1. Back up the files in all replicated folders on the volume. Failure to do so may result in data loss due to unexpected conflict resolution during the recovery of the replicated folders.

2. To resume the replication for this volume, use the WMI method ResumeReplication of the DfsrVolumeConfig class. For example, from an elevated command prompt, type the following command:

wmic /namespace:\\root\microsoftdfs path dfsrVolumeConfig where volumeGuid=”AB136C85-E682-11E8-93FB-009C02A3DAB4″ call ResumeReplication

For more information, see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2663685.

Microsoft have published these recovery steps to help resume replication:


Recovery Steps

  1. Backup all your data folders for the affected replicated folder
  2. Open the event ID 2213 and you will see in Step 2 that if gives you the command you need to run from an evelated command prompt. For example: wmic /namespace:\\root\microsoftdfs pathdfsrVolumeConfig where volumeGuid=”F1CF316E-6A40-11E2-A826-00155D41C919″ call ResumeReplication

Remember the volumeGuid is specific to that volume, so make sure it is the correct volume from event id 2213.When completed you should see this output in the command prompt:

3. Check whether event IDs 2212 and 2214 have been logged on the server on which you ran the resume replication command:

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: DFSR
Event Category: Disk
Event ID: 2212
“The DFS Replication service has detected an unexpected shutdown on volume X:. This can occur if the service terminated abnormally (due to a power loss, for example) or an error occurred on the volume. The service has automatically initiated a recovery process. The service will rebuild the database if it determines it cannot reliably recover. No user action is required.

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: DFSR
Event Category: Disk
Event ID: 2214
“The DFS Replication service successfully recovered from an unexpected shutdown on volume E:.This can occur if the service terminated abnormally (due to a power loss, for example) or an error occurred on the volume. No user action is required”.

Post this command Kindly do the health check of domain controller. Now your domain controller start receiving the replication changes from its partner domain controller.

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