What is AD-integrated DNS

Hello all, Hope this post finds you in good health and spirit. This post is about Active Directory Integrated DNS Zone.

An -Active Directory-integrated zone is a primary DNS zone that is stored in Active Directoryย . It does not contain data in DNS database. This zone is very secure because all data which replication from one domain controller to another domain controller’s database encrypted form hence nobody cannot read these data.It is an authoritative primary zone in which all of the zone data is stored in Active Directory. As mentioned previously, zone files are not used or necessary.

Integrating DNS with Active Directory produces the following additional benefits:

Directory replication is faster

AD-Integrated zone is replicated using Active Directory replication. Because Active Directory can compress replication data between sites and replicates data securely, hence DNS replication also becomes fast, secure and efficient. This works even over slow links.

Reduced Administrative Overhead

Anytime you can reduce the number of management consoles that you have to work with, you can reduce the amount of time needed to manage information. Without the advantage of consolidating the management of DNS and Active Directory in the same console, you would have to manage your Active Directory domains and DNS namespaces separately. Moreover, your DNS domain structure mirrors your Active Directory domains. Any deviation between Active Directory and DNS makes management more time-consuming and creates more opportunity for mistakes. As your network continues to grow and become more complex, managing two separate entities becomes more involved. Integrating Active Directory and DNS provides you with the ability to view and manage them together as a single entity.


This main advantage of this zone is security . If secure dynamic update is enabled, only authorized clients can update their records in DNS zone which counters the issue of proxy records update.


AD-integrated zones provide redundancy thus, thereโ€™s no single point of failure in DNS design. With AD-integrated zones, since all DCs can write on zone hence there is no single point failure.

  • New domain controller gets updated automatically without configuring zone transfer for it.
  • In locations which are geographically apart, AD sites can be configured to control replication and schedule it during off hours. AD-integrated zone are also part of AD database so their replication also get controlled.

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