ITIL V4 Foundation Certification – Part-1

Preparing for ITIL V4 certification , here are some sample ITIL V4 question & answers which will help you in your preparation. ITIL exam paper ,ITIL Dumps.

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Question #1
What are typically recognized through notifications created by an IT service, CI or monitoring tool?
A. Incidents
B. Problems
C. Events
D. Requests

Correct Answer: C
Question #2
What can help to reduce resistance to a planned improvement when applying the guiding principle ‘collaborate and promote visibility’?
A. Restricting information about the improvement to essential stakeholders only
B. Increasing collaboration and visibility for the improvement Most Voted
C. Involving customers after all planning has been completed
D. Engaging every stakeholder group in the same way, with the same communication

Correct Answer: C

Question #3
Which guiding principle says that services and processes should NOT provide a solution for every exception?
A. Keep it simple and practical
B. Collaborate and promote visibility
C. Think and work holistically
D. Optimize and automate

Correct Answer: A

Question #4
What includes governance as a component?
A. Practices
B. The service value chain
C. The service value system
D. The guiding principles
Correct Answer: C

Question #5
Which guiding principle helps to ensure that each improvement effort has more focus and is easier to maintain?
A. Start where you are
B. Collaborate and promote visibility
C. Progress iteratively with feedback
D. Think and work holistically
Correct Answer: C

Question #6
Which is an example of a business related measurement?
A. The number of passengers checked in
B. The average time to respond to change requests
C. The average resolution time for incidents
D. The number of problems resolved

Correct Answer: A

Question #7
Which practice has a purpose that includes managing risks to confidentiality, integrity and availability?
A. Information security management
B. Continual improvement
C. Monitoring and event management
D. Service level management

Correct Answer: A

Question #8
Which is an activity of the ‘problem management’ practice?
A. Restoration of normal service operation as quickly as possible
B. Prioritization of problems based on the risk that they pose
C. Authorization of changes to resolve the cause of problems
D. Resolution of incidents in a time that meets customer expectations

Correct Answer: B

Question #9
Which practice has the purpose of ensuring that the organization’s suppliers and their performance are managed appropriately to support the provision of seamless, quality products and services?
A. Release management
B. Supplier management
C. Service management
D. Relationship management

Correct Answer: B

Question #10
Which activity contributes to the ‘where are we now?’ step of the ‘continual improvement’ model?
A. Executing improvement actions
B. Performing baseline assessments
C. Defining the improvement plan
D. Understanding the business mission

Correct Answer: B

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